How to Set up a Painting Studio at Home?

A painting studio may seem like a luxury for amateur artists. Some artists prefer an easel in the corner of their room or just a simple place to paint once in a while. People who live in apartments try not to take up a lot of space for their painting area. Having a painting studio is a great thing to have when you are an artist. You can have a place to create your masterpieces. Having a painting studio can improve your work as an artist. Here are some tips for setting up a painting studio at home:

Find Good Lighting
Studio lighting is important. When you have the right lighting, you can paint your best pictures. It’s ideal to have a window that brings in a good amount of lighting for your painting studio. If you have no windows, you can always substitute your natural lighting for fluorescent or LED lighting. Fluorescent lighting is good for when you are working with color, but LED is your best bet for your studio lighting. It is best to have a light panel mounted to your selling for convenient lighting.

Invest in Furniture That Can Be Used As Storage
No matter what size your painting studio is, you can eventually have a lot of clutter surrounding you. To save a lot of room, it is important to buy furniture that can double up as storage space. Instead of buying a sturdy table for your paint and brushes, try purchasing a cabinet with wheels instead. You can use shelving that is used to store items in the garage instead of standard shelving. Investing in multi-purpose furniture will help keep your home painting studio free from clutter.

Find Walls and Change the Wall Colors
Every artist should have walls in their study for privacy. If you are sharing an apartment or house with someone, it is good to get some curtains or a screen. If you have an option to claim a room, you should choose a room with a door. Changing your wall color is a great way to alter both your work and your studio. It is best to select the color white for your walls, although you can add light or dark wall colors for different effects.

Stay Safe and Healthy
A major concern for artists is staying safe while using toxic material to create artwork such as oils and acrylics. You should educate yourself on the different materials that you use for your artwork. When you know how to stay healthy and safe around toxic materials, you will have a safe time painting.

Setting up a painting studio for your home can be a rewarding thing to have. You will have a place to relax and create your artwork in your own space. These tips will help you create a beautiful and creative painting studio for your home that you have always wanted to have as an artist – read here on home art studio setup.

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